About Me

     My passion for photography began after moving to Missoula, Montana.  While in Missoula, I studied Parks, Tourism, and Recreation Management at the University of Montana.  There, I was fortunate to discover the beauty Montana had to offer in its national forests and public lands. 

     This led me to work with the Forest Service.  As a Wilderness Ranger, I learned firsthand the importance of our natural world, which solidified my goals as a person.  Through my work, I hope to capture and convey, not only the beauty of America's public lands, but also the importance of keeping those lands wild.  

     Currently, I have relocated back to Southern California.  I am finishing my professional education in photography, so I can better communicate my mission.  Please, do not hesitate to contact me via email or Instagram with any questions or comments.  Thank you! 



© Michael Kilkuts Photography. 

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